DPI carries out all your communication projects with digital printing, questions to ask are:


1° Is this an indoor or outdoor use? And for how long?

2° What is the purpose: fairs, exhibitions, shop-cases...


The table bellow will help you find the appropriate digital solutions. Click on the DPI logo located at the intersection of your need and our solution. Also feel free to contact us for further information.

  Indoor Use
  Outdoor Use
 FairsExhibitions Stores, Retail outletsIndoor Deco, ArchitectureMuseum, ExhibitionTV Studio, Theatre, Cinema Show-casePalisadeFloorFront wallWallVehicle
Portable displays
dpi dpi                    
Pop up
Portable booth
dpi       dpi              
Display cases
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  dpi dpi dpi dpi     dpi   dpi dpi  
Flag, Fabrics
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Display                     dpi  
Small poster
Adhesive vinyl     dpi dpi             dpi dpi
Illuminated container indoors dpi dpi   dpi     dpi dpi        
Illuminated container outdoors               dpi     dpi