Pop-up Displays

Personalize your pop-up stand with DPI

You can dress up your stand in the blink of an eye with a pop-up stand, also known as an umbrella stand! This solid background can be assembled in a few minutes and unveils your visual display in large format, to draw attention to your product. Ask about our line of pop-up stands today !

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Pop-up Displays

Essential for a photocall

DPI can offer you the umbrella stand to meet your needs during private or professional events. Take advantage of a big stretched fabric canvas, printed with your logo, the name of the event, or the logos of your partner as a base fabric during a photocall!

A photocall consists of:

  • A fabric canvas printed by us and Made in Brussels
  • Optional: a straight structure that attaches to the fabric canvas if the event photographer does not have one.
Pop-up Stand - Umbrella Stand

Pop up stand 3x3 or 4x3

Our pop-up (or umbrella stand) is the perfect size for shows and fairs. A true picture wall, it has remarkable visual impact. This self-supporting stand unfolds and is quickly assembled (10 min for 1 person). The overall structure and image are stored in a rigid suitcase with wheels, which in turn transforms into a counter. Would you like a quote? Contact us now.


  • The ‘umbrella’ structure
  • Your image in 5 or 6 strips
  • Carrying case and counter
  • A wooden countertop
  • 2 spotlights

Visible image: 3x3 : 278 x 223 cm | 4x3 : 345 x 223 cm

Technical specifications

Let us show you our other solutions for outfitting your exposition stand, like the roll-up, printed fabric or even advertising tarps.